We as the Hope Town community

love God and love people

by creating opportunities for

holistic development

through education,

skills training





Ocean View

We invest in a community called Ocean View, where about 40’000 coloured (a South African term used for those who are not “black” or “white”) people live. Ocean View is built on a hillside with a truly lovely view of the ocean! The coloured people are lively, loud, good entertainers and have a love for good music and dance. 

There are though also multiple challenges facing the people here. High unemployment, drugs, crime, prostitution and young people falling out of school are daily issues we encounter. Be believe God is busy doing something special! God is moving here even if it’s not always seen. 

We want to bring hope and perspective to the young people at risk. In 2016 we founded HopeTown a youth community and youth movement in Ocean View. We gather with different groups, once a week in our HopeTown Base and eat together, listen to each other and to God and experience a kind of a family what supports each other and where people find a place of belonging. Our family members are not those you would easily find in church. Gang members, teenage mother and fathers, school drop outs and young people who struggle with addiction learn to love each other and are discovering God. Our HopeTown family is diverse, wild and imperfect and hungry for change. 


Our HopeTown family is diverse, wild and imperfect and 

hungry for change. 


We believe that the Holy Spirit is busy changing their hearts from inside out. We believe unconventional love means to accept the fact that the people are on a journey to find true identity. Out of experience we know, this journey is often longer then we hoped for. We invest with a long term perspective and support in a holistic way. 




HopeTown is a community of young people who want to change and grow in life. We meet in different age groups (kids, teenagers, youth) once a week and build into healthy trustworthy relationships. We cook amazing meals, eat together, serve each other, support in crisis, pray for each other and learn more about life and God. The community aspect is the foundation for every project we do in HopeTown. 


Skills Training

There is huge unemployment among the young people in Ocean View. Those who have dropped out of school, often have no chance to get a job. We believe this doesn’t need to be the end. We offer internships and train local, young people on the job. Our workshop areas are:

  • Screen Printing (T-shirt, Hoodies, bags, kids clothes...)

  • Jewellery making (Brass & Copper Jewellery, keyrings)

  • Sewing work (bags, aprons, purses)

  • Leatherwork (keyrings, wallets, labels, bags)

  • Artistry painting (spoons, piggybank, pots...)


We want to see them grow in social skills, work ethics, character, teamwork, quality control, self-confidence and to become more job-ready for their next step in life. 

HopeTown Student Hub

We provide a safe space for struggling High Schoolers to learn and grow in their academics. On three afternoons our centre is open to support, encourage and tutor the young people in their homework and help them to achieve better marks. 

We challenge them to grow, train their learning skills, to get a vision for education and qualifications and to help them in finding direction towards their professional future. 

art Education

We invest into creativity. There is so much more in life to be discovered and explored and we love to help them on the journey. We train the young people to think outside of the box and how to start to draw from scratch. We aim to to raise young, passionate creative people with a sense for beauty and the basic skills to design their own picture.


HopeTown surf

We take groups of Kids and Teenagers out of Ocean View to the beach. We teach them how to swim and how to behave in the open ocean. Once this is done, the surf adventure begins. It's amazing to see how they change from anxious, quiet kids to confident, strong and outspoken personalities. They are not "kids-at-risk" or "problem-children" anymore. They are surfers. 

HopeTown Horse

Once a week we take a group of teenagers to a horse farm in the valley. We teach them how to care for a horse and how to overcome fear and tackle challenges. A horse is an extremely social animal and they model healthy relationships. It’s an amazing opportunity for the young people to spend some time outside of Ocean View and to be exposed to animals and beautiful nature. To build up a friendship with a horse or even learn how to ride is a life- changing experience.  


HopeTown Floorball

Twice a week we play a great game in the community what is called Floorball. We introduced this amazing sport a couple of years ago to the kids and they love it. It is a kind of a street hockey and can be played in the middle of the community. We know that sport is such a great key to reach peoples hearts. Floorball is exciting to play and watch, because of the speed and action during the matches, the quick transitions and the number of possible goals. Our team believes in the nurturing of youths in the development of mind, character and fitness through the game of floorball.


HopeTown Dance

We love to invest in girls and dance is a great tool to reach their hearts. It is not so much about being a good dancer but more to learn to be confident in your body and to love yourself. We help the girls to grow in character and self-respect and allow them to speak about themselves. 


HopeTown internships

We love to invest in young people deeply. We’re dedicated to empowering young men and women to put their God-given skills to work and train them on the job. We see the people we serve as individuals created in God’s image, and instead of charity, we offer a training opportunity that affirms their potential as positive influence in the community. Our tools are skills training, character training, serving the community, mentoring and basic leadership training. The internship starts with a three month trial period and can go up to a year. 

The internship can be extended to a second year what is called the "Young Leader Learnership".  This includes more training in leadership and more responsibility in leading different activities and clubs. 


HopeTown Shop 

We got the amazing opportunity to run our own shop from the Imhoff Farm property in Kommetjie. All our products (t-shirts, hoodies, kids clothes, jewellery, cards and wooden spoons and other articles) you will find in our beautiful shop.

Every Rand from our profit stays in Ocean View to support the youth activities and training in the community.  

Come and see our trendy products... you will not regret it. 



We are a diverse team coming from all kind of backgrounds and spheres of life.

We were and some of us still are teachers, bankers, artists, youth workers, business people, pastors, toolmakers, life coaches, vets, fishermen, hair dressers...

But we all have something in common. We love people and want to see them grow into their full potential. This is our calling, this is our passion, this became our common ground. Some of us are volunteers or interns, some of us are full time working with HopeTown. We love each and everyone’s investment! 


Co-Director HopeTown 


Co-Director HopeTown 



HopeTown Operations Manager



HopeTown Operations Manager



Kids / Teens / Skills Training



Head of Education

Student Hub / Social Worker


Kids / Artistry Skills Training / Mentoring


Floorball / Kids / Mentoring 



Jewellery Production



HopeTown Horse


T-Shirt Printing / HopeTown Surf / Mentoring 



Floorball / Teens / Skills Training



Dance / Kids / Skills Training



Student Hub / Teens / Skills Training



Student Hub Tutoring



Local Intern



Security / Group Support


Local Intern



Local Intern



Skills Training Coach "Leather"


Adult Students


Tutoring Support


Jane & Glen 

Skills Training Coaching "Sewing"



International Volunteer


Art Education


Noémie & Shane 

Teens Night / Dancing


Teens Night



"If you want to go quickly, go alone. If you want to go far, go together."

African proverb

Do you like what we do? Do you believe in change for today’s struggling youth? Do you want to help us to spread hope? We need people who are ready to invest. This can be in different areas and with different possibilities. Please contact us if you would like to join our support team.  

practical help

We need people who help us to achieve our goals and visions. Practical help is needed in nearly all areas of our services. Tutoring, teaching life skills, job creation, donations for our Hope Education Centre, food for our community meals and many other things. 

Do you want to come on board as a volunteer?  Wonderful! We have guidelines in place to help you to find the right place within HopeTown. 


We need people and companies who believe in change in Ocean View. People who invest with their finances, to make the work and the investment into these young people possible. 

The account in South Africa: 


Investec Bank Limited

Branch: Grayston Drive 580105

Acct nr: 10012225785

Reference: HTown plus your name

4Hope is a registered NPO and can issue tax certificates.

The account in Switzerland: 


AEK BANK 1826, 3601 Thun
IBAN: CH30 0870 4001 5011 8417 5
Verein MissionPlus HELP | Promission HELP
Grabenstrasse 8a
3600 Thun

Project 312450 - HopeTown Ministry, Südafrika

If you live in Switzerland, you can deduct the full amount you pay into this account from your taxes. You will get a confirmation letter from MissionPlus for your tax exemption. 


We believe in a God who is moved through our intercession and loves our prayers. There are many things we can’t do through our work or finance, but through prayers. Would you like to invest in this next generation through prayer? We would love to send you our prayer requests. 

Online SHOP

We are selling amazing hand printed T-Shirts and beautiful jewellery, made in Cape Town and not in China! 

Check it out, click here... 




35 Milky Way 

Ocean View 

Cape Town 



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We as HopeTown are connected to the international All Nations family. One of their hubs is in Cape Town, where some of our leaders regularly meet with other leaders from different areas and communities. 


Our mission partner in Switzerland is MissionPlus, a movement of like minded people who support the work in HopeTown. 


Our like-minded mission partner in South Africa is 4Hope. Learn more about their heartbeat:

To transform communities hands-on by restoring human dignity. We do this by building relational bridges; strengthening family-structures; investing in entrepreneurial & skills-training support, leadership development and mentoring and discipleship training. We like to tackle projects that are born out of a relationship. Working with and helping people whom we regard as friends keeps our hearts invested in the right place and gives us staying-power in the long run. Also, we’re firm believers in the power of partnership and absolutely love hooking up with people who are already doing cool stuff to change their world!



RENTWORKS provides asset rental solutions to hundreds of corporate, educational and public sector customers across a broad range of asset classes – from I.T. to PABX systems, plant and machinery, vehicles (FML) as well medical equipment – and virtually everything in between.

This amazing company, based in Johannesburg adopted us into their CSI and supports us by investing in our education program. Their heart is, to empower children to learn better and succeed in school.

Their financial investment is a great help in achieving our goals and to support the youth at risk in a practical way. 


Situated on the Cape Point route, Imhoff Farm is the ideal destination for locals and tourists wishing to experience the authentic charm and generosity of an original Cape homestead.

The historic Werf (Dutch for farmyard) is the heart of the farm, offering a host of experiences, restaurants and shopping.

Imhoff Farm offered us the amazing opportunity to open up a own shop on their premises to advertise the work we do in Ocean View. What an amazing gift we got through this opportunity. This is a very practical and generous support from the farm towards our work in Ocean View.


Since December 2020 we are now present on this farm and are selling all our products from the skills trainings to customers from all over the world. Please come and have a look at the farm and pop into our shop. 


Would you also like to partner with us? 

Please contact us for more information and an on-site visit to Ocean View. We love to connect with you. Our vision can never be fulfilled alone! 

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