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We love our Octagon Earrings. They are super stylish and come in different options. We do them with Loved (backside by God), Forgive, Worthy and Hope. 

Sterling Silver 925 and Copper. Only one earring is printed, the other one is blank. 

Diameter Size 3cm. 



  • If you are living in South Africa, you get a discount of 15% on all the products. You only need to enter your promo code "Local" into your payment and it will automatically be deducted.

  • You can pay manually by EFT in Rand. We always will take the same calculation 1USD - 15 Rand.

  • As soon your order reaches us, we will contact you by email and send you our bank account for the EFT payment.

  • After receiving your payment, we will send your products to your door or you collect in Ocean View! 

Earrings Octagon Copper Large

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